Pool care and maintenance is pool care and maintenance, right? No matter where you live you use chemicals, you clean the pool and you maintain the water chemistry. Does pool care vary by region? The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona explain there are some differences and they may be subtle. Unless you have owned a pool in different regions, you may not notice a difference.

Do you own a pool in the snow belt or the sunbelt regions?

  1. Sun belt pool owners have pools that are subjected to almost continual sun. The sun can also cause algae to grow more quickly and the pool may fade. Water is an issue for pool owners in the sun belt, especially if they are in drought protocols.
  2. Snow belt pool owners Regional swimming pool care tips, SwimRight Pool Service contractors explain that pools in these areas of the country have to deal with the expansion and contraction of the earth because of freezing and thawing. The pool isn’t used as often and that may save money. The water won’t typically evaporate as quickly.

Pool owners in the sunbelt get to enjoy their pools while the snow belt pool owners look longingly at their pool many months of the year.

Does pool care vary by region?

In the sunbelt in areas like Arizona, for example, water evaporation is a very real and persistent issue. Water is not inexpensive and as a pool owner, you will need to keep refilling the pool to keep it at proper levels. You will also need to add chemicals and test the water chemistry every time the water is added.

Using a pool cover will help cut back on evaporation, but it will still evaporate more quickly.

Snow belt pool owners do deal with months and months of freezing temperatures which can wreak havoc on the pool shell and on the equipment especially if it hasn’t been properly drained and winterized. Gunite is not the best option for pool owners who live in areas where the freeze is a very real consideration. Vinyl liner and fiberglass are better able to deal with the expanding and contracting earth.

Even if a pool is closed, the pool owner in the frigid temperatures will need to check the pool cover to ensure it’s properly in place and that it isn’t snow or ice or water-filled as that can damage the cover and the pool.

Let’s face it though — being a pool owner is fun and exciting! There are differences in the care and maintenance that varies by region and if you want to know more, give us a call!