Do you need to keep children and pets out of your swimming pool? Do you want to have a space that is comfortable for swimming especially in light of the sweltering temperatures in Scottsdale, Arizona? Does a pool enclosure make sense? The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service say it just might!

Swimming pools require a lot of cleaning and maintenance and a pool enclosure would definitely help cut back on the scooping of debris and other mundane daily tasks. A pool enclosure, though won’t take away the need for testing the water chemistry, brushing and vacuuming the pool and adding in more chemicals to keep the water free of bacteria.

Does a pool enclosure make sense?

A pool enclosure might be ideal in Arizona during monsoon season because it would keep the rain water and blowing dust and debris from the water.

What should you think about and talk to a pool contractor about if you want a pool enclosure? Here are a few items.

  1. Do you want the enclosure to wrap around the pool or do you want it to go around the outdoor living space as well?
  2. How tall do you want the swimming pool enclosure.
  3. Do you want an enclosure to be functional or to add to the aesthetics of the outdoor living area?
  4. Will you want it to be a natural blend of your existing landscape?
  5. Do you want a roof or partial roof?
  6. Know what you can afford before you meet with a contractor.
  7. Request at least three estimates from contractors before making a final decision.
  8. Ask potential contractors to see photos of work they’ve performed in the past and the type of swimming pool enclosures they’ve constructed.

A swimming pool enclosure doesn’t eliminate the need for continual swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and service, but it certainly cuts down on the time spent in pool upkeep.