We don’t mean to stump you, but when did you last check the skimmer basket? Even if you work with one of the swimming pool service pros from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona to have your swimming pool cleaned, serviced and maintained, you will still want to check the skimmer basket between service visits.

Knowing how to perform small service tasks is crucial to pool clarity and cleanliness between service contractor visits. Also, when you understand the various parts of your pool you are better able to notice if something doesn’t appear to be working as it should.

When did you last check the skimmer basket?

The reasons to keep the pump and skimmer basket clean are that if they are filled with debris, the flow of water will be negatively impacted and that will also impact your pool water chemistry and cleanliness.

One of the first lines of defense in keeping the pool water clean and clear is a clean skimmer and pump basket. These pieces of equipment filter the water and help keep the water cleaner and make sure the pool equipment doesn’t have to work as hard because it’s clogged.

Tips for cleaning a pool pump basket

  1. Turn off the electricity to the pool.
  2. Close the main drain valve and skimmer
  3. If the pool pump is below water level, turn the valve to closed
  4. Take off the pump lid
  5. Grab your garden hose and wash the basket.
  6. Check the basket for damaged areas. Get a new one if necessary.
  7. Check the o-ring for damage, lubricate the pump’s lid o-ring if it looks dry
  8. Don’t over tighten when you install the pump lid and o-ring.
  9. The main drain valve would be reopened
  10. Open the air relief valve
  11. Turn the electricity back on
  12. Turn the pool pump on
  13. After the pump has primed, open the skimmer valves, one at a time
  14. When you see a steady stream of water from the air relief valve, you can close the valve
  15. Turn on the pool cleaner pump

Clean the skimmer basket

  1. Turn the pump off
  2. Take the skimmer lid off
  3. Remove the basket
  4. Thoroughly empty debris from the basket
  5. Put the basket back in place
  6. Replace the lid
  7. Turn the pool pump system back on

If you’re new to pool ownership, ask us how often this should be done and ask for in-person pointers when we pay our next service visit. Another quick tip for keeping the skimmer basket cleaner and free from debris is to use a swimming pool cover at all times when you’re not in the pool and skimming off floating debris as often as possible.