You’re ready to go swimming, but the water is not as clear and clean as it should be. Can you swim in cloudy pool water? Well, you can but do you want to? If the pool water is cloudy, it’s an indication that the pool equipment isn’t operating the way it should or it means the pool water chemistry is out of balance.

The swimming pool contractors from Swim Right Pool Service & Repair believe you should call a pool service contractor if you’re faced with cloudy pool water. It’s not something that can be answered over the phone, or even in this article.

We can work with you to address the cloudy water and to let you know what caused it and devise a plan to not let it happen again.

Can you swim in cloudy pool water?

Our pool service technicians advise not swimming in cloudy water for the simple fact that the reason for it being cloudy could be bacteria-based. What could be the cause of the cloudiness?

  1. So much could lead to cloudy water: weather, trees, dust and dirt, monsoon rains, sun, people, bacteria.
  2. A pool filter that is dirty or old or both.
  3. A pool pump and filter that aren’t being run often enough to ensure the water stays clear. Plan to run the pump and filter at least ten hours — probably twelve — a day.
  4. Improperly balanced chemicals — this is typically the biggest reason

Depending on the cause of the cloudiness, your pool contractor may recommend shocking the water to ensure that the cause of the cloudiness has been addressed and is “killed off.” The use of a pool water clarifier may help prevent future cloudiness — ask us about that if you’re interested — once the underlying cause has been determined.

Give us a call if your pool water is cloudy. Even if you’re not a customer, you can still call us. We can pay a service visit and will be socially distant and masked to keep you and your family and our pool service pros safe.