Want to get smarter? Then everyone into the pool! Can swimming make you smarter? Maybe, but it will certainly make you healthier. There is a study we found from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia that discovered swimming could help raise your IQ!

Swimming is an ideal exercise for anyone of any age and in virtually any shape. The Australian study found: children who swim regularly develop “a wider range of abilities and skills” than their counterparts. Why? The Griffith research found significant differences between children who swam and those who didn’t; children who swim had higher visual and motor skills, mathematical skills and confidence.

  1. Swimming enhances motor skills
  2. Physical development
  3. Math skills. Swimmers who swim competitively use basic math to calculate the distance in laps, strokes, kicks and more so they may be doing more math than a nonswimmer.
  4. Confidence
  5. Swimming requires a high level of concentration on breath and coordination of arms and legs

Can swimming make you smarter?

The swimming pool service contractors in Scottsdale, Arizona who work at SwimRight Pools explain, swimming is an activity the entire family can enjoy and any type of exercise enhances mental and physical abilities in seniors so it just might help everyone.

Children who learn to swim at a young age are shown to reach developmental milestones earlier than non-swimming counterparts.

No matter what the study shows about smarts, just spending time in the pool with your family is a great way to get in shape and bond — and what could be better than that?