The swimming pool service contractors in Scottsdale, Arizona who work at SwimRight Pool Service & Repair understand that one of the first decisions a pool owner must make is where the pool will go. How to choose the best spot for your swimming pool will be discussed with your pool construction contractor but your pool service contractor also has advice to offer.

The decision on where to place the pool can impact the flow of the backyard space and the amount of usable area you have left in the yard. The placement of the pool, also, can have an impact on its cleanliness and how difficult it is to keep clean. The placement also makes an impact on the heat of the pool water — and that is something to consider when you have a swimming pool in Arizona.

How to choose the best spot for your swimming pool

One of the first things your pool construction contractor will determine and discuss are any zoning and setback requirements for construction. This means you cannot build your pool too close to the neighbor’s yard, for example. A swimming pool construction project will also require you to obtain building permits — something your pool contractor should help with.

Part of the swimming pool construction and ongoing safety of being a pool owner also requires the fencing, gates and pool alarms for the pool. Your pool contractor will let you know the size and regulations related to pool fencing and you can talk with him — or us about additional layers of safety with pool alarms.

In Arizona, weather matters when it comes to placement of the swimming pool. What is the pattern of the sun in your yard. How does the sun’s movement play with your house and any landscaping items you have?

What is the wind pattern in your yard? A lot of wind playing across the top of your pool can wreak havoc on evaporation of the water — when you add that with the evaporation that will occur because of the Arizona sun and you may be refilling the pool a LOT. This is something you want to avoid so place the pool in a space where the wind isn’t too strong, or look to landscaping to slow the rate of air blowing across the water. Using a swimming pool cover will also slow the rate of evaporation.

Where will you relax when you’re not in the swimming pool? Do you have a plan for an outdoor living space? If so, design that at the same time you have your pool constructed so you can help assure everything fits well together in the backyard space.

If you’re new to pool ownership or if you’d simply like to hand off the service and maintenance of your swimming pool to a professional give us a call. We can come to your home and perform a service inspection and give you an estimate for a service contract.