The headline may be misleading, but there are some items mentioned below that may make you wonder, are there disadvantages to owning a pool? The short answer is a resounding NO. The longer answer is… there are some things that may be annoying when it comes to pool ownership, but you have to take the “bad” in order to get to the amazing of being a pool owner!

Living in Scottsdale, Arizona almost means you cannot live here comfortably without owning your own swimming pool and the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Arizona are here to help keep your pool clean so you can escape the triple-digit temps.

Are there disadvantages to owning a pool? 

Owning a pool is not all fun and games — ask any pool owner! There is work involved and there are costs involved, but many pool owners wouldn’t give up their pools no matter what!

The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have heard these “complaints” from pool customers. Have you ever felt this way?

  • The construction of a swimming pool is a disruption to your yard and your life — there is no denying that but you need to get through that in order to get to the fun on the other side!
  • Your pool could leak! Sure, it could. Vinyl liner pools are most prone to leaks, and it is a consideration. If you take care when you’re in the pool you could prevent that from happening.
  • Water chemical balancing is not easy. The DIYer will definitely find him or herself spending so much more on water chemicals than they imagined. They may also find it costs them less to hire a pro.
  • Your pool could lure bugs and even rodents or wildlife who want to take some sips of the water — this is especially true in the desert.
  • You may become the most popular person in your circle of friends and family because you have a pool!

We know that not a lot of these seem like drawbacks or disadvantages — and they aren’t but we just wanted to share some of the conversations we’ve sometimes had with pool customers! We’d love to know what the advantages to owning a pool are to you!