You may think that living in Arizona means you’d never need to use a fire pit in order to warm up the night if you’re poolside, gbut in the desert there are months when the nights get a definite chill. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ offer 6 poolside fire pit safety tips.

Spending time around the pool and around the firepit are wonderful ways to be with friends and family, but you need to have safety measures in place to keep everyone safe. This is especially true if you have young children in the family who want to run around outdoors.

In addition to heat, the poolside fire pit also provides subtle light.

6 Poolside Fire Pit Safety Tips

Consider these safety tips and give us a call if you want to talk about the placement and construction of a poolside fire pit.

  • What kind of fuel will you use? You can choose from gas, propane or wood for your fire pit. The safety tips for this remain the same, but it is a consideration upfront.
  • Determine where the slab for the firepit will be and make sure it’s not in the direct line of traffic. You don’t want to be skirting the firepit when you’re going to and from the pool and the house.
  • Follow all regulations for placement so the firepit isn’t close to your home or other structures or your pool fence and any overhanging trees.
  • Track the flow of the wind through your yard to determine the way in which it blows most frequently because you don’t want to place the firepit in the direct path of strong winds which will blow heat and smoke into your face — or continually into the neighbor’s yard.
  • Children and your pets should never be left unattended around the fire pit or the pool.
  • When you’re done around the fire at night make sure it’s fully extinguished and that the valve for the gas or propane are fully in the off position. You may want to consider a screen for the fire pit so no embers go floating around which could cause a fire.

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