Swimming pool owners have the luxury of being able to use their pools year-round. With that comes the cost of maintaining and servicing the pool, too. The swimming pool service providers from Swimright Pools in Scottsdale, AZ have put together a list of 8 ways to save money on pool costs for your consideration.

One of the many costs that Arizona pool owners don’t have to worry about is the cost of pool heating – that is a definite plus. One cost we are faced with in an area that has triple digit temperatures is water evaporation and that can add up.

8 Ways To Save Money On Pool Costs

Implement any, or all, of these money-saving measures and ask us for additional help and advice when we pay a service visit.

Oh, this may not be in the list below, but many pool owners find they save money when they hire a swimming pool contractor to perform maintenance. Give us a call and let us give you an estimate for pool service and you can see for yourself if you might save money.

  1. Check the pool water chemistry often. The quicker you catch any chemical imbalances, the easier it is to address.
  2. Make sure the pool filter is clean. The cleaner the filter, the easier it is for the filter to work and the cleaner it will keep your water.
  3. Night time is the friend of many pool operations. Add any pool chemicals at night so they don’t burn off under the heat of the Arizona sun. Also run the pool pump and filter at night as a way to take advantage of off-peak utility rates which can be substantial
  4. Install a variable speed pool pump. The upfront cost will be paid back in short order because the technology and its ability to match the speed of the pump with task it’s performing will save money.
  5. Use a swimming pool cover. If you find it too difficult to constantly remove and put back on, ask us about the installation of an electronic pool cover that will easily move it on and off. A pool cover cuts back on cleaning costs, evaporation of water and chemicals.
  6. Use your pool fence as a windbreak. Water blowing across the surface of the pool leads to evaporation and the cost of filling the pool all the time. Use your pool fence and plantings as a windbreak.
  7. Install LED pool lighting. LED lighting burns cool and uses less power and don’t need replacement as often as incandescent bulbs.
  8. Working with a swimming pool service contractor may cost you less than if you’re doing your own pool maintenance. Also, if your free time is precious, hiring a pool contractor will free up your time so you can enjoy swim time rather than having to continually clean the pool!

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