It’s a delicate balancing act. Should you have the swimming pool service professional from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ repair the swimming pool pump or should you replace it. We have put together this list of 4 reasons to replace the pool pump instead of simply replacing it.

As with any repair or replacement, it’s not easy or inexpensive, but the money you pay typically is reaped in savings in the long run and that is especially true when you are talking about a swimming pool pump. Energy efficiency in pool pumps has advanced dramatically and that may make it make even more sense to replace rather than repair. This is especially true if you’re changing from a single speed to a variable speed pump.

4 Reasons To Replace The Pool Pump

Here are a few reasons to consider or talk with us about if you’re thinking you need a new pool pump.

  1. Newer technology in swimming pool pumps is better able to filter the water in your swimming pool. New equipment offers better performance and that leads to savings. With a new pump you can operate on shorter running times and still achieve top filtration. The new pump models also use less energy and that means higher savings for you. Some individuals find that when they’ve switched to a new pump system they can save up to 90 percent over the energy costs they’d formerly used.
  2. We know that a new pump offers higher efficiency at higher power and at a lower operating cost. If you choose a variable speed pump – which is highly recommended – you can operate the pump at different speeds depending on the need and that leads to greater overall efficiency.
  3. Your current pump doesn’t utilize newer technologies. If it takes your old pump longer to perform the same task that a new pump can you’re losing money every time it runs.
  4. Depending on how long you have been using your pump, you may need to replace it at some point in the near future and you can rest assured a new pump will have a longer useful life than the current pump. Older pumps don’t provide the longevity newer models do.

A swimming pool or spa cleaned with new pump technology will stay cleaner longer and use fewer resources. Talk to us when we pay a service visit and let’s make sure you’re using the right size pump for your pool and let’s talk about the return on investment if you upgraded.