How often do you use your hot tub? When is the last time you pulled back and cover, turned on the jets and sunk below the surface? Is the hot tub water clean is a question you need to ask before you get in. Just because you’ve had it covered and no one has used it recently, doesn’t mean the water is clean.

Talk with your hot tub and swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona to pay a service visit to ensure the water is healthy enough to use. If you are a DIY hot tub and pool service person, great! Just make sure you test the water chemistry before you take a soak.

You need to make certain the water you’re soaking in is free from bacteria because a hot tub — virtue of the heat of the water — is a bacteria breeding ground.

A poorly maintained hot tub is the ideal place for microorganisms to grow and they can lead to illness if you have an open wound or even a poor immune system.

Is the hot tub water clean?

A hot tub has less water than a swimming pool and the concentration of bodies per square inch of water is higher. Figure in heat and you multiply potential bacteria growth. When you work with a swimming pool or hot tub service contractor, he or she will keep the water free from contamination.

Invest in water chemistry test strips and test the hot tub water frequently. Keep the jets and pump circulating the water even if you’re not using it often. Moving water will not give algae a way to take hold. You can lower the temperature of the water a few degrees as a way to save money on its operation.

Keep in mind: If you’re invited to a friend’s house to soak in their hot tub and aren’t aware of whether there are any bacteria in the water and you develop a red, bumpy, itchy rash this can be a sign of a waterborne bacteria caused illness. You may need to seek medical attention and your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic. Give us a call and make certain your hot tub is ready to use when you’re ready to us it!