SwimRight Pool service contractors in Scottsdale, AZ explain foaming hot tub

We have potential clients come to us and ask, “why is my hot tub foaming”? We do tell them that foam in a hot tub is never a good sign. The reason is happens though, is that you simply have too hot tubmany people in and out of the water and it hasn’t been cleaned frequently enough. You can certainly ask your guests to shower before they hit the hot tub, maybe they will or maybe they won’t. The reason for showering is that they — and you — will get off any hairspray, body oils, soap and deodorant. If it’s just family who is using the hot tub, you can enforce a “shower before you hop in” rule as a way to cut back on the potential of foaming hot tub water.

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools also explain that your bathing suit could be the culprit for foaming hot tub water. The laundry soap you use could lead to foaming water. Additionally, any food or drinks that are dropped or dribbled into the hot tub water can be a foam producing agents. Work with your pool and hot tub service contractor to make certain you’re using the correct chemicals, high quality chemicals and and the correct mix of chemicals to address any potential foamy water issues.

Testing your water to assure that the total dissolved solids are in line is something your pool contractor will check for you or suggest that you check if you are a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to pool and hot tub car. The chemicals you use in the water keep it bacteria-free, but they don’t address total dissolved solids. What are these dissolved or undissolved solids? Dead skin, hair, body lotion and more. If these solids rise to the surface of the water and get churned around in the air jet bubbles they will cause foam.

Simple water testing helps determine the ratio of total dissolved solids.

What do you do when the water starts to foam? When it reaches that stage your only option is to drain the hot tub, scrub it thoroughly, refill and add the correct mix of chemicals. This may be a job for your pool contractor so you can assure yourself that you are kicking off the newly cleaned hot tub on the best footing possible.

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