SwimRight Pool Service and Repair contractors explain tthere are several top pool service mistakes that many pool owners make. This is especially true when they’re a new pool owner and have determined to take on the maintenance and upkeep on their own. Did you know that if your pool is improperly cared for that it can take years off of the life of the pool and its equipment. Keeping your pool clean and in good operating condition will reduce many problems.

Top pool service mistakes

  1. Letting the skimmer basket float. When you get a new pool, the skimmer will be weighted to keep in in place — underwater. If the weight gets lost, people will use the basket that is floating higher in the pool water than it should. If the basket floats up and the pump is turned off and it is still floating when the pump gets turned back on, debris will be sucked under — rather than through — the basket and directly into the skimmer. This can lead to clogged lines. You can address this by asking your pool contractor from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair to add a weight or by replacing the basket.
  2. Letting your pets play in the pool and not making allowances for addiional cleaning and servicing of the pool or more frequent cleaning of the skimmer basket. Remember to wash your dog off once he’s done swimming.
  3. Don’t vacuum large debris into the pool vacuum system without using a leaf trap. A leaf trap will catch debris and keep it from clogging up.
  4. Improperly using algaecide. When you add algaecide this reduces the levels of chlorine in the water. When adding algaecide you need to counteract this by balancing the chlorine levels and other chemical levels in the pool.
  5. Not using a pool cover diligently. If you use the cover when you’re not in the pool you can save money on pool heating, slow the rate of evaporation of the water and use fewer chemicals.

Ask us about our maintenance packages that make it easy to keep your pool clean and avoid any of these common maintenance mistakes.