Does your Scottsdale, Arizona home have a view? Should you have an infinity swimming pool? If you have a “yard with a view” you may want to consider this stunning aesthetically beautiful pool design. As swimming pool service contractors, the pros from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have worked with pool owners to clean and maintain and remodel their infinity edge pools.

An infinity-edge pool is also known as a vanishing edge pool. These are pools that have three sides that look similar to other pools, but the fourth edge appears as though there is no edge and that the water is cascading right off the edge. Don’t worry, though, the water is being captured in a runoff area and recycled back into the pool. No wasting of water with this style, even though it appears you might be!

In the past, these visually stunning pools were seen in hotels, resorts and in exclusive properties and in homes of the rich and famous! Today, though they are available and affordable for homeowners who want to have an additional “wow” factor with their pool and for those who want to show off a stunning vista.

The setting and the visual of your backyard will be one of the determining factors on whether you have this type of pool. Consider, though if you have a beautiful yard with a view, an infinity-edge pool will create the illusion of your yard being larger than it may be.

Should you have an infinity swimming pool?

What happens to the water that appears to be cascading off into the yard?

  1. It’s captured in a catch basin
  2. The water is collected and circulated back into the pool
  3. The catch basin and plumbing could be placed onto a hill or other area so it’s not visible if someone walks toward that edge of the pool
  4. If you don’t have the availability of a hill or other terrain like that, the plumbing and catch basin will be visible
  5. You could have your pool contractor construct a wall or other feature that masks the plumbing of the inifinity edge

If you have an infinity edge pool or whether you have a traditional pool, give us a call if you want to obtain an estimate for pool service and maintenance. We are considered essential businesses and are available to care for your pool.