SwimRight Pool Service contractors work with commercial pool owners

In Arizona, hotels, motels and apartment complexes offer swimming pools for residents and guests. The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair offer safety tips for commercial swimming pools and how pool contractors to add to the safety of the pools. A commercial swimming pool requires more skill and knowledge to care for and maintain as a home pool does — this is mainly because of the number of people who are in and out of these pools on a regular basis. Commercial pools have a much higher swimmer load than does a backyard pool.

Safety tips for commercial swimming pools

Safety is one of the greatest things to keep front of mind when you’re managing and maintaining a commercial swimming pool. The first thing that should come to mind as it relates to safety is the Virginia Graeme Baker Act or the Access and Disabilities Act — this relates to the main drain of the swimming pool and assuring that it is properly covered so it won’t pose a safety hazard. The pool needs to be equipped wtih a VGB certified compliant main drain cover.

There should always be a trained lifeguard on premises to supervise the swimming pool. There are also a number of commercial swimming pool safety products that need to be poolside, many of which are required by law. They include: life vests, life rings, telescoping poles, a life hook and others.

A staff member, who is stationed poolside, should know CPR.

The pool depth must be clearly marked with depth markers. They can be vinyl stick ons or the depths can be permanently marked on the tiles to indicate the pool depths. There should be signs that denote whether areas are safe for diving. If the establishment doesn’t allow diving, that should be clearly noted in signs around the swimming pool.

Safety always needs to be the number one priority for commercial swimming pool operators. This safety also includes assuring the water is free of bacteria and that the chemicals are always properly balanced.