SwimRight Swimming pool contractors in Scottsdale, Arizona share pool ownership drawbacks 

Is owning a swimming pool going to be all fun and games? The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools explains that, “no, it’s not going to be all fun and games,” but any “drawbacks” are more than worth it when you are frolicking in the pool, escaping the heat and just enjoying the beauty of your backyard and swimming pool area.

Here, though, are some of the drawbacks that some pool owners say they faced when owning a pool:

  • Construction itself can lead to issues. There could be soil that is harder than expected to excavate. The contractors could run into shale or stone or even sandy soil or clay can lead to potential cost overruns. There could be rocks, roots and even water that weren’t able to be seen during pre-construction inspections. bees in pools
  • A swimming pool can spring a leak. This is especially true if you have a vinyl liner pool as they are more prone to leaking than other pool construction styles. Even a fiberglass or concrete pool can “spring” a leak and that could be caused by faulty plumbing or other issues that might be hidden behind the pool walls.
  • It can be troublesome to get, and keep the pool chemistry in balance. There are myriad reasons that pool chemistry gets out of line and they range from heavy rain fall, heavy pool traffic, pool water evaporation, dirt and debris in the pool and so on and so on. Your pool contractor is trained and experienced in getting — and keeping — your pool chemistry in balance and that is why so many pool owners work with a pool service professional. In the long run, it typically costs them less money to hire a pro than to keep adding more chemicals in the hopes that it will all balance out.
  • A pool cold mean that you have more bugs or even rodents in your backyard. They may be drawn to the warmth of the water or just to the water itself. Using a pool cover can keep the bugs and critters from crawling in and preventing you from having to skim them out before you swim.
  • You may have friends you never knew about! Once you become a swimming pool owner, your house is the go-to hot spot for pool parties — keep extra towels on hand!

While none of these truly seem like “drawbacks” to us or any kind of impediment to owning a pool, but it’s something to consider!