SwimRight Pools, service contractors who work with Scottsdale, AZ pool owners discuss lawn care

Your lawn is as important to your swimming pool project as the pool itself. Why? Because the swimming pool may be “embedded” into your lawn, but the yard itself is what adds to the aesthetics of the entire pool and outdoor living experience. When you’re looking at your swimming pool project, the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools recommends that you make certain you are looking at the entire picture (literally and figuratively) for the project.  pool landscaping

If you live in the dry areas of the country, like those of us who live in Arizona you will want to make certain that your swimming pool landscaping is drought and heat resistant and you will want to talk with your pool contractor to make certain you’ve chosen the best possible plants for the deck area. Here are some ideas to consider when talking to your pool contractor about landscaping:

  1. As mentioned, in Arizona you will want to choose plants that are drought-resistant and that don’t require frequent watering. Choose plants that don’t shed leaves or those that will lure birds or bees to the pool. The planting of trees needs to be undertaken with caution so that no roots damage the pool structure or plumbing.
  2. Water conservation should be a thought for pool owners, no matter where you live — it makes sense and can cut back on your utility bills. If you use mulch when you plant flowers or shrubs you can get away with infrequent watering because the mulch will help the plant retain moisture.  For a lawn and plants to remain lush, they may need up to an inch of water a week –keep this in mind when talking with your pool builder about your landscaping plans.
  3. Aerating your lawn will help loosen hardened earth and make it more amenable to any watering you perform or that comes from the sky!

Yard work and lawn care doesn’t have to take up too much of your time and once the design has been decided upon it may almost take care of itself!