Is it time to replace the swimming pool pump? That is something you can either ask your swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service but they will let you know when a pool pump replacement is necessary. Your pool contractor can give you a heads up before the pump fails so you can begin saving for its replacement.

When it comes to swimming pool renovation replacing the pool pump or any swimming pool equipment certainly won’t add to the “wow” factor of the pool, but it will help keep it running longer and more efficiently. The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, Arizona explain replacing a swimming pool pump may be far from exciting, your wallet will thank you!

Is it time to replace the swimming pool pump?

When your pool is operating with an inefficient pump it is costing you money every time it turns on. You may not be aware of exactly how much it’s costing you monthly until you’ve replaced it and compare the utility bills.

Depending on the age of the pool and its equipment talk with us to discover whether there is a need to upgrade the pool pump to a more efficient model. You also want to know whether you have to plan for the replacement immediately or whether it can wait a few months until you have saved money for its replacement.

What will it cost?

The upfront cost of a pool pump may make you rethink the need to replace it, but the money you spend today will be reaped in utility bill savings in the future. A new pump is more efficient, will last longer and perform at a higher level. If you still have a single speed pump, now is the time to upgrade to a variable speed pump to realize even more savings.

Advances in pool tech means equipment is both more powerful and energy efficient. Ask us for a breakdown on

The next time we pay a service visit we can test your pool pump to make certain it’s operating at peak efficiency and we can give you an idea on whether it might need to be replaced and can give you an estimate on what a replacement pump would cost.