Has your family dynamic changed? Do you have a new pet or a toddler in the family? Are you new to pool ownership and have children in the household that you want to keep safe? Is it time to get a pool safety cover? There are a myriad or reasons to invest in a safety cover and the pool service professionals from SwimRight Pool & Spa Repair Service in Scottsdale, Arizona explain you can’t put a price on safety and pool safety covers make the pool safer for everyone.

Accepting responsibility for the safety of everyone in your home might be the driving force for getting a safety cover. Ask us about having a pool safety cover installed and a retractable pool cover, too. When you have a retractable pool cover you will be more likely to be diligent in the use of the cover. Let’s face it, a pool cover is heavy and awkward and if it’s hard to get on and off, you won’t be motivated to use it.

Even if you have a pool cover — a safety one or otherwise — you still need to let children know that under no circumstances are they allowed to be around the pool alone. They are also not allowed to walk on the pool cover. In fact, you should have a locking fence that cannot be climbed.

Is it time to get a pool safety cover?

A swimming pool safety cover also helps slow down the rate of evaporation of the water — and that is important in the heat of the Arizona sunshine. A pool cover also keeps airborne contaminants from getting into the water and that is important during monsoon season.

Redundancy is ideal when it comes to pool safety — a fence, a safety cover, motion sensors and motion-activated cameras will help make the pool the safest room in the house.