There is nothing better than a dip in the family swimming pool at the end of a long, hot commute or to while away the afternoon with family and friends. Your fun could be cut short if the pool is a lure for bees and wasps. This is especially true if you, or someone in your family, is allergic to bee or wasp stings. You will want to know how to keep bees away from the swimming pool this season.

The reason swimming pools can be plagued by bees and wasps, the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona say is because when you have a pool, you have a watering hole for insects. Keep in mind that even if you’re allergic or scared of bees and wasps, they are only trying to survive and you can humanely move them away from the pool.

How to Keep Wasps Away From Your Pool Area

Wasps, are harder to get rid of an their sting can be extremely painful. Wasps, however, do eat flies, centipedes and other insects. They can help control other pests, but if you want to get them away from the pool — and we don’t blame you — here are some tips:

  • Use raw meat. Yes, it sounds gross, but wasps are drawn to raw meat. Get a small piece of steak or ground beef and put it in an area where you don’t care that they congregate. Don’t use too big of a piece because you don’t want it to rot.
  • Use a decoy wasp nest. You can find fake nests online. Hang them around your house — close to the pool — because wasps are territorial and won’t want to live close to other wasps. Put these up early in the season before wasps begin building their nests.
  • Hire a pro. In some instances you simply won’t be able to rid your pool area of them without calling in professional help. A pro cal relocate or eradicate them.

Keep bees away from the pool

  •  Give them an alternative water source. Bees are by the pool because they need water to drink. Create a water source and maintain it all summer. Surround the smaller water source with pieces of wood or rocks where they can rest and hide.
  • Place dryer sheets around the pool area. Put them in planters, use as coasters and in other areas around the pool to keep bees away. We aren’t certain why they don’t like dryer sheets, but they don’t. Make sure you change them regularly so they don’t lose their potentcy.
  • Hire a professional. Again, if you’ve tried do it yourself methods and the bees aren’t taking the hint, hire a professional to move them.

Enjoy the pool with out the potential of flying, biting insects. Call us if you need further advice and assistance.