If you’re in quarantine because of the coronavirus and live in Scottsdale, Arizona we bet you have been spending a lot of family fun time in the pool, right? If you have wondered how to get fit in your family swimming pool the pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have tips to help you have fun and get fit!

Swimming pool service contractors have been considered essential service providers and that means if you have a pool, chances are you have been spending a LOT of time in it. Whether you’re in shape, want to get in shape or just want to find a fun way to get healthy, swimming provides all those benefits and more!

Why should you swim?

There are a myriad of reasons!

  1. What health benefits are you hoping for?
  2. Does it hurt your muscles and joints to jog or run?
  3. Do you want to build heart health in a low/no impact way?
  4. Does the idea of exercising in the heat of an Arizona summer day immersed in the cool depths of a pool appeal to you?
  5. Do you want to get fit in a way that doesn’t feel like exercise?

How to get fit in your family swimming pool

Regular exercise of any kind builds muscle strength, strengthens your heart and enhances all aspects of your life. Swimming can be used as part of a cross training routine, to jump start a regular workout and to have fun and get fit at the same time.

Did you know? 

Swimming burns calories at a rate of about three calories per mile per pound of body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds and it takes 30 minutes to swim one mile, you’ll burn about 900 calories in an hour. This is just an estimate and you may see different results based on many factors.

Once the quarantine is over you can swim as a social outlet. Take a water aerobics class or invite friends over to swim in your pool with you.

Swimming helps you to relax and even sleep better. To enhance these benefits, practice relaxation techniques while you swim. Focus on breathing and swim strokes. Let your mind wander and concentrate only on your breathing and the feeling of the water on your body.

Remember, in order to reap the weight loss benefits of swimming you may also need to change your diet and eating habits. If you eat a gallon of ice cream for each meal, even if you’re swimming you won’t lose weight — that is an extreme example, but we were making a silly point! Swimming, along with a healthy diet will help you have a healthier life.

Swimming is an excellent choice for those who are going from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. Your doctor might just approve of swimming as a way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

Give us a call and let’s make sure your pool is clean and that the equipment is working as well as it should be. Let’s enjoy this time home alone and let’s get healthy in the pool!