Swimming pool owners who work with a swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight, a Scottsdale, AZ pool service & repair professional may still want to do some light maintenance. Here are some easy maintenance tasks any pool owner can do and may want to do between service visits.

Performing simple maintenance between pool service contractor visits may just save money on your pool maintenance contract because the water will be cleaner, longer.

Easy maintenance tasks any pool owner can do

Ask us for information on these tasks and how to perform them quickly and easily

  • Always use the pool cover. If you have a hard time taking the cover on and off, it may make sense to invest in a pool cover device to make it easier. Using the pool cover will help reduce maintenance costs, allow you to use fewer chemicals and help provide an additional safety barrier.
  • Ask us to write the ideal operating pressure on the swimming pool pump and filter. If you notice changes, higher or lower, let your pool contractor know.
  • Make sure you know where all of the pool operating manuals and warranty information is.
  • Ask us how to vacuum the swimming pool. Ask us, also, about whether it makes sense to invest in an automatic vacuum.
  • Test the water chemistry. If you’re comfortable enough, you can add the necessary chemicals to keep water balances in line. Add chemicals a little at a time. Also, add the chemicals at night so you won’t miss any swim time and because the heat of the sun will evaporate the chemicals more quickly.
  • Make sure you’re running the pool pump the recommended amount of time — typically between ten and twelve hours per day.

When we pay a service visit we can explain water chemistry readings, let you know how long the pump and filter should run for your unique pool and help you with the vacuum set up, if needed.