When the temperatures in Scottsdale, Arizona reach the triple-digit levels, you certainly don’t want to spend time outside. Even lounging around the family swimming pool isn’t enjoyable if you’re in the heat of the summer sun. In fact, it could be dangerous to be in the sun or to touch the hot deck or pool equipment! We have tips for how to add shade around your Arizona pool that is both beautiful and functional.

Don’t let hot days drive you indoors, especially if you want fresh air rather than air conditioned air. Also, if you have a swimming pool, don’t let it sit idle simply because it’s too hot to sit outside and because that cactus in your landscaping doesn’t offer much shade!

How to add shade around your Arizona pool

Old growth trees are ideal BUT in Arizona we are given cacti and palm trees — neither of which are true shade trees! If you’re fortunate enough to have shade trees, enjoy them! Here are ways to add shade to the space and get outside and enjoy the pool together before the sun goes down!

  1. A sail shade. This is a budget-friendly option and a DIYer can do it him or herself. A sail shade is weather resistant, UV-protected fabric that is stretched between three points on the patio (one of which could be the corner of the house. This shade can be moved to different points if you have the poles installed. A sail shade can lower the heat by up to 30% and that is a LOT in Arizona.
  2. A retractable awning is ideal if the pool is close enough to the house or other structure that the awning can be affixed to. A retractable awning offers options on having it opened, closed, or partially opened or closed. You can push a button and retract it or open it. An awning can be purchased in various colors and fabric materials to enhance the aesthetics of your home.
  3. A pergola or a gazebo is a semi-permanent structure that sits poolside and can offer indoor seating and a roof over your head. These are attractive but more expensive than other structures (especially a gazebo). You can construct a pergola or gazebo and plant desert-friendly greenery (succulents) to help shade the area.
  4. Low tech shade umbrella. You heard it right. A freestanding umbrella that can be staked into the ground, affixed into or on a table or on its own pole stand. You can move the umbrella from space to space and tilt it to give you just enough shade to stay comfortable.

No matter whether you go high tech, low tech or permanent, an outdoor shade space will definitely add to the enjoyment you have in and around your Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool.