What does it cost to own a swimming pool? It’s not a cut and dried answer, but you can put some numbers to it. You definitely want to have some numbers put to it so you can rest assured you can afford not only the cost of the pool construction, but the pool service as well.

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Scottsdale, AZ have put together a bit of a list of items which you should take into consideration if you’re going to be a pool owner.

Keep in mind that installing the pool is not the only cost associated with pool ownership.

What does it cost to own a swimming pool?

Here are items to consider when putting together a pool maintenance budget:

  1. Chemicals are needed to keep the pool water clean and safe for swimming. If you decide to do the cleaning yourself and purchase your own chemicals you are probably looking at a price tag of about $300 a season. An automatic chlorine generator that uses salt as a cleaning agent rather than chlorine will cost even less. If you decide to leave pool maintenance to a professional request an onsite visit and an estimate for a contract.
  2. The pool pump runs on electricity, and that means the electric bill will increase as may other utilities. The amount will be hard to determine but a pool contractor may have some estimates to offer to help you with budgeting. Increases to the utility bill depends on certain variables – size of the pool, cost of electricity in the area in which you live and how frequently you will run your pumps and filters.
  3. The biggest upfront expense, following pool construction, is the water to fill the pool. If you’re getting it trucked in, you can certainly calculate the cost. If you’re filling it with a hose you can call your local water municipality and ask them to not charge the sewage portion of the water used to fill the pool because you’re not discharging the water.

Pool heating costs: Not all pool owners need or want to heat the pool water. If you think you might, ask for a quote for the price of a pool heater and an estimate on what it might cost to heat the water.

Swimming pool cover: A swimming pool cover should be considered a necessity and should be budgeted for as part of the construction project. A cover keeps dirt and debris out of the water and also helps cut back on water lost to evaporation.

Weigh all of the costs of pool ownership before you take the plunge. We know you will never regret the decision to own a pool, but you need to go into it with your eyes open.