In many areas of the country, Labor Day means the end of summer and that the kids are going back to school. In Arizona, though, our summer will go on for a couple more months — for some pool owners, it never ends! If you’re wondering how to host a great Labor Day pool party, the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have some tips to prepare the pool for the party and care for after the party.

When you host a swimming pool party that means your pool will see a lot more traffic and bodies and that can throw the water chemistry off balance. How can you prevent that from happening?

How to host a great Labor Day pool party

To keep the pool water clean, clear and free from bacteria before the party you may want to give us a call and schedule an additional cleaning or change the day of your regular service call to be prior to the party starting. Starting the party out with crystal clear water and water that is properly chemical-balanced will help with maintenance and upkeep following the party.

You may want to ask your guests to please shower off before they get into the pool. If you have an outdoor shower or a pool house that is easy. If your guests will need to traipse through your house to shower first, you may need to weigh whether that’s worth the potential time and mess for your house. If you do have guests shower first, they will be ridding themselves of perfumes, deodorant, dead skin, hair sprays and other outside contaminants we all have on our bodies and this will help keep the pool water clean.

Let’s face it, if there will be children in the pool, chances are there will be urine in the pool. Children get so excited int he pool that they just don’t want to get out to use the bathroom. Because of this, you will definitely need to schedule a pool cleaning immediately after your pool party.

When you give us a call to schedule your pre-pool party cleaning, get on our schedule for your post-pool party cleaning and maintenance service visit. Getting the pool water and its chemicals back in balance as soon as possible following your party helps assure you won’t have to deal with cloudy or dirty water.

Happy Labor Day!